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A bit about Us

Crepe Corner is an authentic European creperie and coffee shop located in Providence and in Pawtuxet
Village RI. While we’re most known for our authentic crepes, we also offer authentic Liege-style
waffles, croques madame and monsieur and of course good quality coffee and coffee drinks; our
cappuccinos and espressos are top notch! In addition, we offer various European pastries such as the
decadent Gallette Des Rois, madeleines, cute colored macarons, ham and cheese puff rolls, and much
Natacha Legein, the chef/owner is originally from Belgium and the Congo and as such grew up on French
cuisine. Natacha is a third-generation chef who works with authentic French and Belgian recipes handed
down by her mother and her own mother before. In fact, Natacha’s mother is also on the cafe staff and
maintains the authentic tastes.

Crepe Corner offers catering services for all your special events, large or small. Crepe Corner will cater to
weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, birthdays (all ages) and all other event types. If you like
authentic crepes and good food, we want to cater at your event!

What You Get

Staff Count: Crepe Corner will offer 2-3 staff members; this number has proven to adequately cater to event
sizes of 70 or fewer people. For much larger events, additional staffing can be planned for. There will
always be a manager on site.

Attire: This is always designed to fit the client’s needs. For more formal events, Crepe Corner staff can
be dressed in black pants/white shirt/black tie. For a more casual setting, our staff will be dressed in
Crepe Corner’s uniforms. The goal is to allow our staff to be easily recognizable so guests can ask for
assistance as needed.

Customer Service: Crepe Corner absolutely prides itself on our extremely courteous customer service
and we will bring that same level of service to your event. Our reviews speak for themselves; we like to
call it the “crepe corner experience”. Our staff knows that the food is extremely important, as is the
customer service and they gladly embrace the concept that excellent customer service is the backbone
of our business.

Station Set-up: Crepe Corner will arrive at least a half hour prior to the start of your event and set up the crepe
station. Station typically will be a 6-foot table dressed with white or black table cloth. There will be 1-2
crepe machines, depending on event size. Power outlets are required. Depending on weather/venue,
Crepe Corner may bring a tent.

Duration: This is also dependent upon the client; Crepe Corner typically gets catering requests for 2-3
hour durations, however we will accommodate longer events.

Break-down/Clean up: Crepe Corner will begin disassembly of the station at the end of the appointed
event duration. In line with our customer- first mindset, we will ensure that the area is clean and
decent looking before we depart the venue.

Event Customization: Crepe Corner will accommodate simple theme requests. Theme requests we have accommodated include color themes, season themes, character/fairy tale themes etc.

You have a theme idea? We can make it happen!

And of course...The Food

Crepe Corner will offer crepes whole (stuffed and folded) this will be at the client’s discretion.
Catering packages are as follows

Package Blanc
Select: 2 Sweet Crepes, 1 Savory Crepe, 1 Small Sweet, Bottled Water

Package Rouge
Select: 1 Sweet Crepes, 2 Savory Crepes , 1 Baked Item, 1 Beverage

Package Noir
Select: 2 Sweet Crepes 2 Savory Crepes, 1 Baked Item, 2 Small Sweets,

Made-to-order Espresso Drink
Package L’Argent
Select: 2 Sweet Crepes, 2 Savory Crepes, 1 Baked Item, 2 Small Sweets,

1 Mimosa or 1 Kir Royale (Crème de Cassis, Champagne, Raspberry)


A’ la carte

Sweet Crepes

The Basic

Corner Crepe


Oh Sweet Berries

Apple and Cinnamon

Lemon Crepe

Savory Crepes

Le Complet

Le Vegetalien (vegan)

Vol Au Vent

The Caprese

The Hearty

Smoked Salmon**

Baked Items

Ham and Cheese Rolls

Gallete Des Rois (slice)

Apple Tart (slice)

Authentic Liege Waffle*

Small Sweets

Crème Brulee Bites




(choice of: chocolate chip,
double chocolate or vegan and gluten-free chocolate cookie)


Bottled Water

Fresh Squeezed
Orange Juice
Craft Sodas


**Only available with Package Noir, Package L’Argent* Only available with Package Rouge, Package Noir, Package L’ArgentPrices exclude taxes and a 15% gratuity.

Contact Us

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